Quality Assurance

Third Party Quality Assurance

Agility's Quality Assurance solution provides measures to assure the best resources are available to our clients concerning verification and review. Acting as a key component in the management of large scale and continuous campaigns, our QA solutions are designed to be agile - working in total and modularized to fit needs on a program by program basis.

Our clients can be assured that we are not only meeting, but exceeding their desired goals and objectives. The role of Agility's QA team is all encompassing from monitoring calls, completing forms to analyzing results and providing critical feedback to our clients. We will work closely with each and every client to ensure quality results!


  • Random monitoring and evaluating of all representatives
  • Supervisors evaluate stats and provide valuable feedback
  • Monitoring capabilities for all clients
  • All calls are recorded through our cloud based system
  • Agility practices and is within all compliance standards