Welcome to Agility Culture!

Here is where you'll learn the in's and out's of Agility - how we do things, why we do them and what we are up to next. Let's break it down into 3 groups:

The Agents

Our production team connects with customers in many different ways, for many different reasons. These folks are the straw that stirs the drink.

The Techies

These guys make up our MIS staff, customizing and developing different technologies to ensure the best user experience possible. They may or may not be big Star Trek fans.

The Liaisons

Agility's Client Services team is in constant contact with our clients, keeping everyone headed in the same direction - above and beyond all client goals.

The Agents

"We develop representatives who are motivated, educated and professional. Agility is proud of the progress and refinement in our hiring, training and motivation techniques."

"Our Employee Information System provides all kinds of good stuff, be it program updates via our Coaching Briefs, a refresher course in the Knowldege Point System or some good-natured competition from co-workers in our Real Time Motivation displays. It's informative, up to date and pretty entertaining!"

Rob, Head Production Supervisor - 11 years

The Techies

"Our continued investment in technology is reflected in our ability to offer our clients some of the most sophisticated and customized systems available within the contact center industry."

"Our online system connectivity has enabled Agility to provide a range of services to its clients. We can link into virtually any available systems in today's market."

Ken, Systems Integration Programmer - 19 years

The Liaisons

"Once we have been selected as the partner provider, our clients begin working closely with us, so that we can assist in all aspects of strategic planning and program implementation."

"We understand our clients concerns and have implemented procedures to ensure Client Services Managers are always available to assist our valued clients."

Terry, Senior Vice President Sales - 28 years